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Exploring the Postpartum Period Through a Four Part Series

The postpartum period, also known as the 4th trimester, can be an intimidating period of time that can leave many expecting and new mothers in doubt. We will explore these questions through the help of our four-part series where we interviewed real mothers and spoke to them about their experience with postpartum blues.
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Unveiling the Reality of Postpartum Blues and Path to Recovery

Let’s dive into the signs and symptoms of postpartum blues, and how Blues Away® can potentially support mothers’ mood postpartum.* There is a path to postpartum recovery, and talking about it is the first step!
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Unraveling the Mystery of Postpartum Depression and Baby Blues

Confused about differentiating postpartum blues and postpartum depression? Learn the key differences here to improve your understanding. Read more for clarity and support!
Two pregnant mothers holding their bellies and talking about postpartum and emotional health.
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Understanding Postpartum Blues and their Frequency among Mothers

How do postpartum blues, AKA “baby blues”, affect around 80% of American mothers, and what should you know about it? Let’s talk about it and unravel ways to manage emotions and support mood after giving birth.
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Nurturing Motherhood: Discover Effective Postpartum Products for Emotional Support and Blues Relief

Are you concerned about experiencing postpartum blues after giving birth, and wondering if it’s normal? Let’s talk about what to expect and what makes Blues Away® a top choice for postpartum mood support.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.