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Your motherhood is your own –– embrace it and find strength in it.
In the meantime, get ready for these empowering episodes, packed with the insights you’ll need. A transformative journey awaits you.

Episode 01


Becoming a mother can be incredibly tiring, and dealing with postpartum blues can add another layer of difficulty to the experience. In Shynae’s story, she opens up about the challenges she had after birth. Her candid account provides insight into the realities many new mothers face.

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Episode 02

A Different Person

Postpartum blues can leave you feeling like you’re grappling with a whole new identity. Some moms simply don’t feel like themselves. Watch Ryan’s complete story here as she shares her journey through the emotional turbulence of early motherhood.

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Episode 03


Experiencing heightened emotions and sensitivity are common symptoms of postpartum blues, as Nychole reveals in her personal narrative. Watch Nychole’s full story for a candid exploration of the emotional complexities often overlooked in the postpartum period.

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Episode 04


Feeling alone in the midst of postpartum blues is a sentiment many mothers can relate to, as Suzie articulates in her heartfelt account. Watch Suzie’s full story to gain a deeper understanding of the isolating experience that can accompany postpartum challenges, and to find solace in her message of solidarity and resilience.

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Postpartum Blues:
What is it?

Postpartum blues, also known as “baby blues,” refer to a temporary and common emotional state that many mothers experience within the first few weeks after giving birth. It typically appears abruptly –– around the third or fourth day following birth. New mothers commonly experience mood swings, sadness, tearfulness, irritability, and feelings of anxiety. These feelings are often believed to be due to sleep deprivation, physical discomfort, and the overwhelming responsibilities of caring for a newborn, but the truth is there’s often a different culprit: hormones.

While it’s normal to experience baby blues after birth, if these feelings linger after two weeks –– it could be something else. Postpartum depression is a more severe, longer-lasting version of baby blues and requires medical help. If left untreated, postpartum depression can last several months or longer.

If you are experiencing thoughts of harming yourself or your baby, help is available anytime and any day. The National Maternal Mental Health Hotline provides 24/7, free, confidential support before, during, and after pregnancy. Call or text 1-833-TLC-MAMA (1-833-852-6262).

What better way to care for your baby than first making sure to take care of yourself? After all, self-care is baby care. Blues Away® helps you to take care of yourself by providing you with postpartum mood support through our key ingredients: wild blueberry extract, L-tyrosine, and L-tryptophan.* The real magic is not in these singular ingredients, but in their synergistic combination that may aid in your postpartum recovery journey.* Consult our ingredients section to learn more about the power of Blues Away®.

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Up to 80% of women in the US are affected by postpartum blues due to a biological hormonal imbalance1

Blues Away® is a unique and patented liquid supplement, clinically shown to provide postpartum mood support for mothers during the days following childbirth.* This clinically tested product consists of four shakes consumed over three days as directed and is available without a prescription.

1 Sacher et al. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 2010;67(5):468-474

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